What we do

Millions of patients are unnecessarily hospitalized from the emergency department each year, often due to poor
discharge workflows.

High cost of care

Cost of inappropriate annual

Care inequities

Rates of avoidable hospitalizations among African Americans and low-income communities


Half of EDs experience
overcrowding and ⅓ have to turn away ambulances

The Resolut platform facilitates safe and timely discharge from the ED to home and beyond. 

We get patients out of emergency care faster, freeing up beds and improving the patient experience

Meet Brenda

Brenda is a 70-year-old grandmother who lives in an assisted living facility. Brenda has a history of hypertension and arthritis.

Brenda is presenting with symptoms suggestive of a UTI.

Brenda’s location without Resolut

Brenda’s location with Resolut

Brenda’s care journey without Resolut

Brenda’s care journey with Resolut

A comprehensive solution to a complex problem
  • Resolut reduces total cost of care and improves ER and acute care outcomes by transitioning eligible patients to high-quality in-home care. We estimate total reduced costs of $6,000 per patient.
  • Resolut gives hospital systems, risk-bearing entities, and post-acute providers an integrated solution that drives down unnecessary hospitalizations that now result in $32 billion in excess annual spending.
  • Patients can recover away from a stressful hospital setting, surrounded by loved ones while receiving the ongoing care they need.
  • We provide high-touch care coordination at every step of the patient journey. Complementing ED teams, we facilitate discharges with efficient workflows and coordinate at-home health care, transportation, durable medical equipment delivery, medication, and follow-up doctor appointments. 
  • Resolut’s solution enhances care accessibility and equity for economically disadvantaged, low-acuity, and social determinants of health (SDOH)-challenged patients who are disproportionately affected by emergency room resource constraints.
Everyone benefits with
Resolut Care

Our solution is designed to meet the needs of every individual and entity that plays a role in the patient journey. 

  • Hospitals: Resolut reduces readmission rates and LWBS rates while increasing operational capacity and provider satisfaction.
  • Risk-bearing entities: Resolut reduces total cost of care through reduced hospital admissions and readmissions.
  • Patients: Resolut increases the patient experience by expediting the time to discharge to continue care at home.
Resolut can support you in all 50 states

We’re proud to support patients, providers, and risk-bearing entities across the country. 


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