Clearing the way to continue care at home

We’re reducing total cost of care, improving outcomes, and enhancing patient experience with our innovative approach that transitions patients out of the hospital setting.

Enabling a smooth transition from the emergency department to high-quality care at home and beyond

Emergency department
discharge support

Resolut team members partner with ED staff to identify discharge-eligible patients. We arrange for home health support, coordinate prescriptions and DME, and set up transportation. Simplified workflows get patients into the comfort of home-quickly freeing up beds for higher-acuity patients.

High-quality post-acute care network

We assemble and maintain an extensive network of high-quality care resources, including home health agencies. Expertly assembled teams ensure holistic patient support through transition and recovery.

Ongoing care coordination

Our high-touch care coordination team serves as a liaison between risk-bearing entities, ED discharge, PCP, specialty care, caregivers, and home health agencies to support patients and identify wraparound care needs. With holistic care at home, readmission rates are significantly lowered.

Platform + expert clinical team

Our technology platform ensures full visibility into patient status and improves efficiency, while a human touch ensures a fully coordinated transition to home. Together, this approach provides peace of mind and increases efficiency for patients, caregivers, and physicians.

Swift, seamless, safe, and scalable

A better experience for patients, physicians, and risk-bearing entities.

For patients
Care in the comfort of home

Patients with low or moderate acuity don’t always need to be admitted to the hospital – yet they shouldn’t simply be discharged and sent on their way. Resolut unlocks a middle ground: the opportunity to receive the continued, high-quality care they need in a more comfortable setting. 

For health systems
Better emergency department efficiency

Resolut makes it easier to identify patients who should be discharged – then makes it happen without all the administrative burden. This frees up staff to care for higher acuity patients while optimizing bed capacity. 

For risk-bearing entities
Decreased total cost of care 

By reducing hospital admissions and readmissions, we help risk-bearing entities unlock lower cost, higher efficacy care models – a must in the expanding value-based care environment. 


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